Tonsillectomy & Laryngology

Tonsillectomy & Laryngology

Tonsillectomy involves the removal of the palatine tonsils from their corresponding tonsillar fossae. The palatine tonsils are formed of condensations of lymphoid tissue that can become hypertrophic and susceptible to chronic infections. Tonsillectomy is considered one of the most common major surgical procedures performed in children and its indications include recurrent tonsillitis, airway obstruction, sleep apnea and peritonsillar abscess. Several techniques are used in tonsillectomy, and all of the techniques use careful dissection in the subcapsular plane followed by meticulous hemostasis at the end of the procedure.

Zemurg recognizes the gravity of this procedure, and has taken this into consideration during the design and manufacture of reliable, precise and easy-to-use tonsillectomy instruments. 

Our range of instruments for Tonsillectomy & Laryngology surgery includes:

-  Tonsil Dissectors and Knives    

-  Tonsil Elevators

-  Tonsil Ligators

-  Gauze Packers

-  Tonsil Forceps

-  Tonsil Snares

-  Tonsillectomes

-  Tonsil Punches

-  Broncho-Esophagoscopy Forceps

-  Laryngeal Forceps

-  Laryngeal Scissor

-  Laryngeal Mirrors


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