Rhinology is the medical field focused on the treatment of diseases and disorders affecting the nasal cavity and its sinuses. This involves the management of complex diseases and disorders such as extensive or recurrent chronic sinusitis, tumors of the sinus and nasal cavity, nose bleeds, nasal obstruction and nasal allergies.

Otolaryngologists perform many procedures to diagnose and treat this wide range of diseases and the field of Rhinology has seen remarkable advances in the management of sinus and nasal disorders.

Zemurg recognizes that the complexity of nasal disorders is amplified due to the concealed and intricate anatomy of the nasal cavities. This precise anatomy requires a multitude of versatile tools that can cover all manipulations and patients, and allow for the formulation of individualized treatment plans tailored to meet the otolaryngologist’s specific needs.

Our broad range of Rhinology Instruments includes:

-  Nasal Speculums 

-  Nasal Polypus Snares

-  Nasal Polypus Forceps

-  Septum Forceps

-  Ethmoid Forceps

-  Nasal Cutting Forceps

-  Sphenoidal Punches

-  Rhinoplastic Knives

-  Septum Knives

-  Septum Elevators

-  Periosteal Elevators

-  Septum Chisels

-  Septum Gouges

-  Septum Osteotomes

-  Nasal Saws

-  Cartilage Crushers

-  Bone Files and Nasal Rasps

-  Nasal Hooks and Retractors

-  Septum Straightening Forceps

-  Antrum Curettes

-  Adenoid Curettes

-  Adenotomes

-  Irrigation Cannulas

-  Sinus Dilators


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