Thumb Forceps

Thumb Forceps

Forceps are fundamental in the field of surgery and are considered the surgeon’s assistants in almost every operation. Forceps are generally used for grasping tissues and organs. During a surgical procedure, forceps are required after the incision is made and the surgical field becomes expanded for exposure. They are useful to enable the surgeon to grip small objects or tissues which he is unable to do so with his fingers, or when he needs to hold multiple items simultaneously while his hands are engaged in another task. 

Zemurg tweezer type (or pick up type) forceps consists of 2 ergonomic high-quality handles joined at one end. Both handles are of the same length. Tweezer forceps are ergonomically designed to be gripped with a comfortable pen holding grip between the index finger and the thumb. Our forceps are manufactured in a variety of popular and unique patterns.

The range extends to:

-  Dressing Forceps

-  Diamond Dust Micro Forceps

-  Tissue Grasping Forceps

-  Micro Forceps

-  Tumor Forceps

-  Dissecting & Tissue Forceps

-  Micro Suturing Forcep

-  Diamond Dust Micro Ring Forceps

-  Micro Atrauma Forceps

-  Diamond Dust Micro Suturing Forceps

-  Atrauma Dissecting Forceps

-  Micro Ophthalmic Forceps

-  Tungsten Carbide Forceps

-  Splinter Forceps

-  Cilia Forceps

-  Titanium Forceps

-  Jeweller Forceps


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