Laboratory Instruments

Laboratory Instruments

No matter how good a dentist is, in order to work the magic and transform impressions into successful dental prostheses, a behind-the-scene activity from a qualified dental technician is fundamental. Based on detailed prescriptions that include anatomical information, your job as a technician is to combine a mix of technological expertise, artistic skills, state-of-the-art materials and precise instruments to carefully create crowns, bridges, partial, removable and full dentures and more.

Zemurg Laboratory instruments range from highly versatile articulators to precise carving instruments, through a wide range of accessories; all necessary to shape materials and make sure you can confidently help dentists restore both function and aesthetics of a patient’s mouth.

This category covers the following necessary tools:

-  Amalgam carvers

-  Articulators

-  Calipers

-  Ceramic Sculpturing Brushes

-  Knives and Spatulas

-  Laboratory Set

-  Laboratory Tweezers

-  Mallets

-  Miscellaneous instruments

-  Ortho/Prothesys Boxes

-  Saws and Blades


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