FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant

Apart from conventional surgical instruments, Zemurg has great knowledge and experience in the manufacturing of hair transplant instruments as well. Our exceptional hair transplant instruments with great prices allows us to be the best alternative in the market competition. We are one of the most reputed and rapidly growing manufacturer in hair transplant industry. Dealing with the most of the surgeons on the globe combined with our great services, it gives the company it's elite reputation.

This category covers:

-  FUE Punches

-  Blades

-  Blade Holder

-  WAW Implanter

-  CHOI Implanter

-  Versi Handle

-  Micro Needle Holders

-  Hair Transplant Extraction Forceps

-  Hair Transplant Implanting Forceps

-  Hair Transplant Titanium Forceps

-  Hair Liner

-  Optivisor 

-  Graft Chiller

-  Sterile Boxes


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