Otology is the medical field focused on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the ear and its connecting structures. This involves the management of complex diseases such as ear infections and pain, hearing disorders, balance disorders, facial nerve disorders as well as tumors of the ear or its nerves.  Otolaryngologists perform many procedures to diagnose and treat this wide range of diseases and the field of Otology has seen remarkable advances in the management of complex problems such as hearing disorders through the ongoing progress of sophisticated intricate and microscopic surgeries.

Zemurg  Otology  Instruments  are  innovative  tools  for a  broad range of Otology procedures, as well as neurology and lateral skull base surgeries.

This category includes:

-  Ear Speculums 

-  Tuning Forks

-  Ear Catheters

-  Ear Polypus Forceps

-  Ear Forceps

-  Alligator Forceps

-  Mirco Alligator Forceps

-  Micro Otology Scissors

-  Micro Otology Knives

-  Micro Otology Needles, Ear Picks and Hooks

-  Micro Ear Instruments

-  Micro Ear Curettes

-  Ear Curettes, Scoops and Loops

-  Ear Hooks

-  Tympanum Needles and Knives

-  Periosteal Elevators & Foreign Body Levers

-  Mastoid Rongeurs

-  Ear Syringes


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