Orthopedic instruments are widely used for treating bones when they become injured. Some orthopedic problems in human’s skeleton, ligaments or tendons mandate surgical intervention to be cured and regain function.

Since orthopedic surgery deals with different conditions of bone and soft tissue, certain and highly technical instruments are used for correcting bone fractures or repairing soft tissue.

Zemurg Orthopedic range includes:

-  Amputation Saws   

-  Battery Operated Bone Drills

-  Bone Reamers & Bone Drills

-  Twist Drills, Burrs and Trephines

-  Wire Guides & Extension Bows

-  K-Wires

-  Screw Drivers

-  Bone Holding Clamps

-  TC Wire Holding Forceps

-  Wire Holding Forceps

-  Wire Cutting Forceps

-  TC Wire Cutting Forceps

-  Post Mortem (Autopsy) Instruments

-  Bone Chisels

-  Bone Osteotomes

-  Bone Gouges

-  Ferrozell Handle Bone Gouges

-  Ferrozell Handle Bone Osteotomes

-  Ferrozell Handle Bone Chisels

-  Bone Rasps, Bone Files

-  Bone Tampers

-  Bone Mallets

-  Bone Curettes

-  Periosteal Elevators, Raspatories

-  Bone Levers

-  Knee Retractors

-  Meniscus Knives

-  Tendon Instruments

-  Bone Repositioning Forceps

-  Bone Holding Forceps

-  Bone Rongeurs

-  Bone Cutting Forceps

-  Aluminium Hands

-  Tourniquets

-  Nail Instruments

-  Bent Hohmann Retractors


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