Neurosurgery is an important field of medicine concerned with the surgical solution of pathologies which structurally alter the components of the central and peripheral nervous systems aiming to eliminate the macroanatomical defect, thus relieving the patient symptoms. Neurosurgeons routinely operate on the most delicate organs in the entire body, the brain and the spinal cord.

In order to ensure optimal surgical outcomes the surgeon needs on hand precise, meticulously crafted and high-quality set of reliable and dependable neurosurgical instruments which will flawlessly perform during the surgical procedure. At Zemurg we appreciate the important of quality and are dedicated to our commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of neurosurgical instruments.

Our comprehensive range of Neurosurgery Instruments includes:

-  Brain Retractors    

-  Laminectomy Distractors

-  Wire Saws

-  Traction Tongs

-  Cranial Rongeurs

-  Scalp Clips and Applying Forceps

-  Galea Hooks

-  Dura Dissectors

-  Dura Elevators

-  Nerve Root Retractors

-  Brain Spatulas

-  Laminectomy Punches

-  Brain Knives

-  Laminectomy Rongeurs

-  Tumor Grasping Forceps

-  Micro Knives

-  Micro Raspatories

-  Micro Curettes

-  Micro Nerve and Vessel Hooks

-  Micro Ligature Instruments

-  Micro Dissectors

-  Micro Elevators

-  Micro Needles, Hooks and Spatulas

-  Pituitary Instruments

-  Laminectomy Retractors

-  Drill Guide & Dura Protector


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