Thorax & Cardiovascular

Thorax & Cardiovascular

Thorax and Cardiovascular surgery are critical fields of medicine involved in the surgical solution of pathologies where principal targets are organs inside the thorax, such as the heart, lungs, esophagus, thymus and great vessels. Considering the aforementioned, cardiothoracic surgeons diagnose and treat disorders of vital importance which include complex diseases such as lung and bronchial tumors, coarctation of the aorta, vascular deficiencies, aortic aneurysm, congenital heart diseases and even critical trauma patients who have suffered major thorax damage.

Zemurg appreciates the level of care required by these patients and the fact that each cardiothoracic specific surgical procedure demands a large assortment of reliable instruments for enabling the surgeon to operate effectively.

Our broad range of instruments for Thorax & Cardiovascular surgery includes:

-  Rib Shears    

-  Rib Spreaders, Rib Retractors

-  Rib Contractors

-  Lung Spatulas

-  Bronchus Clamps

-  Lung Grasping Forceps

-  Atrauma Bulldog Clamps

-  Atrauma Hemostatic Forceps

-  Atrauma Aortic Clamps

-  Atrauma Multipurpose Vascular Clamps

-  Atrauma Peripheral Vascular Clamps

-  Atrauma Profunda Clamps

-  Carotid Shunt Clamps

-  Catheter Clamp

-  Atrauma Coarctation Clamps

-  Atrauma Dissecting and Ligature Forcep

-  Atrauma Aortic Aneurysm Clamps

-  Atrauma Dissecting and Ligature Forceps

-  Atrauma Anastomosis Clamps

-  Atrauma Vascular Clamps

-  Atrauma Tangential Occlusion Clamps

-  Atrauma Pediatric Vascular Clamps

-  Atrauma Noenatal Vascular Clamps

-  Vascular Dilators

-  Vascular Tunneling Instruments

-  Facsiotomy Instruments

-  Intima Spatulas

-  Vascular Dissectors

-  Ligature Catcher

-  Tourniquets


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