Needle Holders and Suture

Needle Holders and Suture

General surgery is the discipline of medicine involved with the preoperative, operative and postoperative management of patients with a broad range of diseases which often require surgical treatment. The breadth of general surgery embraces a large number of pathologies which may present in different systems of the organism, most frequently affecting the abdomen and its contents, alimentary tract, breast, skin, endocrine system and the vascular system.

Zemurg provides a comprehensive range of instruments designed in multiple patterns tailored to satisfy all the general surgeon’s requirements for performing numerous ligature and suturing techniques. 

This category covers:

-  Needle Holders    

-  Micro Needle Holders

-  Diamond Dust Needle Holders

-  Diamond Dust Micro Needle Holders

-  TC Micro Needle Holders

-  TC Needle Holders

-  Ligature Needles

-  Ligature Conductors

-  Clip Applying Forceps & Suture Clips


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