Hooks and Retractors

Hooks and Retractors

Zemurg manufactures a variety of premium grade quality Hooks and Retractors, produced using surgical grade materials and high quality manufacturing processes. 

Retractors are used for retracting the tissue surrounding the wound or a surgical incision. When the subject of surgical intervention is a body part to which the approach is blocked by underlying organs or tissue, the retractors are used to hold back those organs or tissue and enable the surgeon full access and visualization of the subject.

Hooks are a group of hand-held retractors comprised of a curved or hooked blade and a handle. In some terminology, all retractors whose blade is of a smaller or equal width as the handle, regardless of their shape, are referred to as hooks. Delicate hooks, skin hooks and nerve hooks offered by Zemurg the prime examples of quality made surgical instruments which are manufactured for precision, efficiency and effective use.

This category covers:

-  Delicate Hooks, Skin Hooks    

-  Nasal Hooks

-  Nerve Hooks

-  Wound Retractors

-  Lid Retractors & Saddle Hooks

-  Retractors

-  Atrium Retractors

-  General Retractors

-  Abdominal Spatulas

-  Abdominal Retractors

-  Self Retaining Retractors

-  Laminectomy Retractors

-  Lamina Spreaders

-  Bladder Retractors

-  Wound Spreaders

-  Pelvis Retractors

-  Prostate Retractors

-  Uretheral Retractors


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