Sponge Forceps

Sponge Forceps

Zemurg Sponge Forceps are the perfect choice for holding swabs or sponges in medical procedures. Our range is manufactured in box-joint scissor action with ratcheted handles and looped, smooth or serrated jaws, curved or straight to meet your specific purpose.

Zemurg tweezer type (or pick up type) forceps consists of 2 ergonomic high-quality handles joined at one end. Both handles are of the same length. Tweezer forceps are ergonomically designed to be gripped with a comfortable pen holding grip between the index finger and the thumb. Our forceps are manufactured in a variety of popular and unique patterns.

The range of Sponge Forceps extend to:

-  Dressing Forceps    

-  Sinus Forceps

-  Sponge Forceps


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