Artery Forceps

Artery Forceps

Artery forceps (also known as hemostatic forceps, vascular forceps, or clamp) is a basic surgical instrument that is commonly used in the field of medicine. During a surgical procedure, blood vessels may rupture and leak blood that obscure the surgical field.

Zemurg provides surgeons with professionally designed artery forceps for clamping arteries, veins, or capillaries and gripping them for ligation. They are precision-engineered for impeccable grasping of sutures, surgical and prosthetic materials, and other tissues. For proper handling of Zemurg artery forceps, the thumb and the ring finger are placed through the ergonomic rings of the forceps, the index finger is placed along the well-designed shaft and, together with the middle finger, steadies the instrument. For grasping or ligation, Zemurg artery forceps is to be applied with the distal-most part of its blade past the selected vessel or tissue. This is performed to facilitate ligation via applying a tie around the distal end of the forceps.

Zemurg manufactures a broad range Artery forceps such as:

-  Clip Applying Forceps    

-  Vessel Clips

-  Micro Nerve Approximators

-  Bulldog Clamps

-  Atrauma Bulldog Clamps

-  Hemostatic Forceps

-  Organ Grasping Forceps

-  Dissecting and Ligature Forceps

-  Bile Duct Clamps

-  Atrauma Clamps

-  Kidney Pedicle Clamps

-  Hysterectomy Forceps

-  Angiotribes

-  Peritoneum Forceps

-  Towel Clamps

-  Tubing Clamps

-  Titanium Forceps and Bulldog Clamps


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