Impression Trays

Impression Trays

Many professionals consider impression trays simply as carriers for impression material rather than an important component in the treatment program. Therefore, they under estimate the importance of a correct choice in terms of size, shape, material and dimensional accuracy. Choosing the wrong size or the incorrect shape usually lead to inadequate impression taking: restorations and prosthesis can prove to be ill-fitting, asking for additional time of your work and more costs for your patient.

Zemurg impression trays come in different shapes and materials, with a convenient colour indexing for easy size selection, and all the necessary dimensional accuracy that proves them a key factor for the perfect outcome.

We produce the following impression trays: 

-  Aluminium Impression Trays

-  Disposable Impression Trays

-  Neutral Solution for Cleaning

-  Polycarbonate Impression Trays

-  Stainless Steel Impression Trays


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