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Kits / Cassettes /  Endo Boxes

The more your dental studio grows the more effective your procedures need to be. Efficiency becomes a direct consequence of an organized practice with proper instruments handling to reduce waste of time and increase patient’s safety.

Zemurg manufactures trays, cassettes and boxes to conveniently transport, sterilize and store those instruments that make your daily practice crucial to improve the quality of life of your patients, whether they need to solve aesthetic or functional problems. A wide range of accessories complements cassettes and trays to effectively allocate space and prevent damages to delicate parts and coatings during reprocessing steps. Finally, they come in a wide range of size, shapes and materials to meet all the needs of a structured dental studio.

The following list includes everything you need: 

-  Aluminium Dispensers

-  Alcohol Burner

-  Aluminium Instrument Trays

-  Aluminium Instrument Trays Articles

-  Bur Holder

-  Disposable Plastic Trays

-  Endodontic Articles

-  Endodontic Boxes

-  Inox trays

-  Stainless Steel Dispensers

-  Stainless Steel Instrument Cassettes

-  Stainless Steel Instrument Cassettes Articles

-  Stainless Steel Instrument Trays

-  Stainless Steel Instrument Trays Articles

-  Waste Containers


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