Implant Surgery

Implant Surgery

In the last decade, implantology has become an important part of clinical practice, helping dentists to improve the quality of life of many patients. Whilst implant treatment could often be a convenient alternative to conventional treatment options, in certain cases, it is the treatment of first choice for the rehabilitation of severe functional, anatomical or aesthetic problems arising from tooth loss.

Zemurg has developed a number of highly functional and easy to use instruments to help qualified dentists tackle even the most challenging clinical cases effectively and fully deliver all the advantages patients can benefit from Implant Surgery, including high stability, preservation of alveolar bone and long-term results. Our proficiency with design and manufacturing has led to educational collaboration with major dental institutions to grow competency in this branch of dentistry among dental professionals.

This category includes: 

-  Implant site Dilators

-  Bone Curettes

-  Bone filters

-  Bone Rongeurs and Bone/soft tissue nipper

-  Bone Scrapers

-  Calipers

-  Depht Gauge

-  Implant holding tweezers

-  Implantology instrument Set

-  Implantology Instruments

-  Impression Trays

-  Mucotomes and Burs

-  Needle Holders

-  Osteotomes

-  Periosteal elevators

-  Pocket Probes

-  Retractors

-  Scalpels

-  Scalpels and Blades

-  Surgical Mallets

-  Surgical scissors

-  Tissue pliers


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