Zemurg dental extraction and surgical instruments are the premium choice for clinics with a focus on cost-effective, ergonomically designed, and precision engineered instruments. Whether it is a routine simple extraction or a complicated impacted tooth removal, these extraction instruments are the first choice of oral surgeons and general dentists worldwide.

Our extraction instruments feature superior tactile sensation mechanisms and innovative designs to reduce tissue trauma during procedures, thereby reducing patient discomfort and pain post-operative.

Every single instrument included in our range of dental extraction and surgical instruments is manufactured with premium quality surgical-grade stainless steel which is corrosion-resistant and can be autoclave-sterilized for years of repeated use.

This category includes:

-  Bone/soft tissue nipper

-  Bone Rongeurs

-  Extracting Forceps - American Pattern

-  Extracting Forceps - English Pattern

-  Extracting Forceps - Mead Pattern

-  Extracting Forceps for Children

-  Extracting Forceps with Anatomically Shaped handle

-  Instruments set for Extraction

-  Periotomes

-  Root Elevators

-  Root Splinter Forceps

-  Root-Tip Picks

-  Syndesmotomes


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