Diagnosis is the first and most critical step towards the correct dental treatment plan. Dental diagnostic instruments form an indispensable part of a dental professional’s instrument kit. Zemurg dental diagnostic instruments are crafted to a premium quality standard to help dentists establish the presence, type, and severity of oral diseases.

Dental diagnostic instruments are used to thoroughly examine the teeth, and to manipulate soft tissues to gain easy access and a better view. Since, working end is the part that actively performs the specific function of an instrument, Zemurg dental diagnostic instruments are unrivaled in their unique quality and ergonomic design that helps dental professionals reach an accurate diagnosis.

This category includes:

-  Cotton and Dressing Pliers

-  Pliers for Broaches

-  Combination Pluggers/Spreaders
-  Diagnostic instruments kit
-  Endodontic Instruments
-  Endodontic Kit
-  Explorers
-  Explorers Anatomic Handle
-  First examination Silicon Coated instrument kit -Colored
-  Mouth Mirrors and Handles
-  Root-canal excavators
-  Root-canal pluggers
-  Spreaders
-  Ultralight


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