At Zemurg Instruments, each periodontal instrument is meticulously crafted because acknowledge that instrument design and ergonomics can help dentists to perform at their optimum. Hand fatigue is a frequent problem facing dental professionals and if not managed.

All Zemurg periodontal hand instruments are comprised of a handle, shank, and working end. All design features are crafted from the beginning to help dental surgeons and periodontists optimize their performance and satisfy their patients with successful treatment. Zemurg periodontal instruments come with great variations in the shank. Some tools have angled or curved shanks allowing access to hard-to-reach posterior areas.

The periodontal instruments included in our range are:

-  Curettes and Scalers

-  Bone Chisels and Gouges

-  Bone Curettes

-  Files

-  Gingivectomy Knives

-  Gracey Curettes

-  Grinding Products

-  Silicon Coated Periodontal Instrument Kit

-  Periodontal Instrument Kit

-  Periodontal Instruments

-  Periosteal and Elevators

-  Scalers

-  Surgical Mallets

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