Restorative instruments are commonly used during routine dental procedures to restore carious teeth, both in appearance and function, to as close as possible to natural teeth. At Zemurg Instruments, successful outcomes are a result of our dedication towards product quality and service excellence.

We are a leading brand that crafts reliable dental restorative instruments and modifies them according to the working knowledge and skill of highly reputed dental surgeons and institutions worldwide. Zemurg innovative restorative instruments are made by highly skilled craftsmen who deliver restorative equipment to exceed both dentist and patient expectations.

Our range of restorative instruments includes:

-  Instruments for retractor wire

-  Spatulas

-  Gauze packers

-  Amalgam instruments

-  Articulating paper forceps

-  Calipers

-  Cleoids - Discoids

-  Crown Instruments

-  Excavators

-  Filling Instruments

-  Foc Filling Instruments

-  Matrix Bands and Matrix retainers

-  Operative Instruments

-  Placement instruments and Medicaments

-  Rings removing pliers

-  Rubber Dam Instruments

-  Scissors

-  Stainless Steel Instrument Trays

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