Silicon Coated

Silicon Coated

A proper grasping technique is the key to obtaining desired results with exact control on movements made during practice. To ensure this we have coated the instruments handles with silicon to achieve stability and non-slippery behavior. These instruments' handles come in various colours, i.e., green, blue, red, yellow.

We coat the following instruments with silicon:

-  Amalgam carvers

-  Bone curettes

-  Composite Instruments

-  Curettes and Scalers

-  Diagnostic instruments kit

-  Double ended explorers

-  Excavators

-  Explorers

-  Gracey Curettes

-  Heidemann separating spatulas

-  Instruments for Fillings

-  Mouth mirror handle

-  Periodontal pocket probes

-  Pluggers/Spreaders

-  Root canal pluggers

-  Spreaders

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